ignite knows STRATEGY

When to whisper, when to sing, when to set the world on fire.

ignite knows PEOPLE

Our passion for collaboration means we have friends in all the right places and long-cultivated global industry relationships. We’re connected to the experts, artists, organizations and companies leading the way, and the journalists and tastemakers who follow them!

ignite knows the INDUSTRY

Our clients include the companies and organizations at work in every facet of the entertainment industry’s creative and technological communities.  From pre-production through distribution and archive, and all the metadata, file formats, platforms and resolution in between, we speak your language.

ignite embraces the FUTURE

It’s an understatement to say that the only constant is change. At this dynamic juncture in the industry, we thoughtfully observe technological evolution and passionately embrace the brilliant work of our clients who make ideas into reality. We are fluent in the communications platforms that are valuable to them.